6 Ways to Prepare Yourself Before Living in China

Hello their good people! Having difficulties finding out how to prepare yourselves before moving to China? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here I will be mentioning and explaining the things you need to prepare before moving to China. But first let me introduce you to several interesting facts about China, just to warm you up.

China is the third-largest country by area in the world. Known as the fastest-growing economy for the last 30 years and is now the world’s second-largest economy. Besides that, China is also known as the factory of the world produces concrete, steel, fertilizer, clothing, and toys.

Most minority groups have their own distinctive culture. Some also have their own language and writing system. China has 56 ethnic groups officially where the largest group is the Han occupies almost 91% of China’s population.

Now let’s move on to the 8 ways to prepare yourself before living in China.

Read Books

Start by reading some useful books. There are a lot of books about China you can find in book stores around you. For employees I recommend you to read books about how and ways of successfully negotiating business with the Chinese. In additional it’s better to know your industry, your company that you’re going to work for, importantly behave and dress accordingly.

Discover the Culture

To all travelers and those who are planning to move to China, it would be very beneficial if you could read and learn about the culture of China. Knowing that every country has its quirks which means you must accept the good, the bad, and even the ugly of the cultures.

China is rich for their cultures which needs 5.000 years for you to learn about. Taichi, Yoga, Buddhism, Yaoism, Confucianism, Wushu, Kong Fu, Calligraphy, Beijing Opera are all the beautiful parts of Chinese culture. Accept and enjoy all the annoying things you find in the cultures.

Such as slurp don’t like the sound of it? It is considered good manners in China and a sign of you enjoying the food. Haggle, remember everything is a negotiation in China. Don’t have a meltdown in situations like that. Squats, toilets in China are not quite comfortable for visitors but you must get used to them, and don’t complain. As long as it’s clean and far from bacteria. You’ll be fine.

Embrace Business Culture

Learn to enjoy excruciatingly long dinners, singing at Karaoke, drinking baijiu and giving gifts. Before giving gifts better to know what gifts to give, remember don’t give watches or clocks it is a symbol of death for Chinese people.

Chinese people will respect if you know your mistakes, knowing knowledge of their cultures, but they will lose respects if you don’t respect your own culture by ditching them. 

Be Adventurous

Get to know your city then start to explore the country. Understand where you live in explore Yunnan, Shenyang, Tibet, and Xinjiang. That is how you understand the complexity of China and that is how you truly know the country your living in. 

Eat the foods

Some people would rather eat the food they’re used to. But when living in China you must try the foods especially the dishes you’ve never tried before. But always remember to ask what the food is. Because in China the foods are made out of rare animals such as Pangolin, Dogs, Cats and many more. It wouldn’t be exciting if you ate an endangered animal, right? Just don’t forget to ask, but don’t be scared to try new things. Because some of them are enjoyable and delicious. 

Learn Mandarin

Last but not least the most important thing is learning mandarin. It will show respect for the country you live in including the people you live near, and also it would be beneficial for your business and life in China. Start by learning online at Cakap. You can easily get the app in Play Store and App Store.

Those are the 6 ways to prepare yourselves before visiting or planning to live in China. Hope this article can be useful for you guys.

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