Did You Know Indonesia is the First Rank Country that Using Trilingual Language?


Hello, their good people! Have you heard about trilingual before? Maybe only several of you does. For those of you who don’t let me explain a bit about the meaning of trilingual. Trilingual is a person who masters three different languages and speaks fluently using the language. 

If you’re trilingual then you might be one of the people who made Indonesia in first place for trilingual. Wow, now that’s amazing! 

According to Swiftkey’s research in 2015, many countries use more than one language for their daily conversation. There are 27,5 percent of the population in the world speaks more than one language. People who speak more than one language are found in Europe and Asian countries. 

Indonesia itself has about 17,4 percent population who speaks trilingual in their daily lives. In Indonesia, 700 languages are used in daily conversation. This amount of languages comes from many local languages in Indonesia. 

So, what’s the three-language combination that is most used by Indonesians? 

According to Swiftkey, the three language combinations are the Indonesian language, the English language, and the Java language. 

There are more trilingual speakers in Indonesia where they can speak the Indonesian language, English language, and another local language other than Java language. 

And for those of your readers, you might be a trilingual too. Maybe the factor could be from your parents who both come from different places. 

Now let’s take a look at trilingual speakers around the world. Among the countries, there is Spain where the people speak the English language, Spain, and Catalan language. 

There is also Italy who has two combinations of languages that are Spain, Italy, and the English language. 

How about you do you want to be a trilingual speaker? Nowadays learning a language is very easy especially in the digital era. Many learning platforms can help you study such as Cakap. At Cakap you can simply take an online course where you can study anywhere and at any time. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app on the App Store or Play Store.

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